Do you know the advantages of electromagnetic heating boiler over air conditioning?

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  • Date:2019/10/12

If the air conditioner is carried out under the condition that the outdoor temperature is not low, it is still very power-saving. After all, the heat conversion rate of the air conditioner is already higher than 100%, but if the outdoor temperature is too cold, it is not so good. Air conditioning will be required for auxiliary heating, because there are outdoor defrosting treatments, etc., but heating costs will increase, heating effect is not good, just like the previous 30 degrees below the north, it is almost useless. 

The electromagnetic heating boiler is different. The heating of the electromagnetic heating boiler is completely carried out indoors, and the outdoor heating is cold. It is necessary to keep the insulation warm, so there is no need to worry about the poor heating effect. It is true that the thermal efficiency of the electromagnetic heating boiler is not high than air conditioner. However, it does not require the outdoor temperature as the air conditioner, thus avoiding the waste of energy. At the same time, the hot air heating always has an uncomfortable feeling, and the electromagnetic heating boiler uses a radiator or a floor heating, and the heating is relatively comfortable.

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