Matters needing attention in the installation of electromagnetic heating stove

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  • Date:2019/11/28

For the purpose of air pollution control, the national government has taken various measures to carry out new energy research and development, promote the transformation of the energy structure, and continue to promote clean coal heating and power conversion projects in the northern region to improve energy efficiency and promote air pollution control.

Coal to electricity will change the heating method that used to rely on loose coal combustion to use clean energy such as electricity for heating, which can alleviate the excess of electricity resources. Electromagnetic heating stove is a necessary heating equipment for coal-to-electricity projects in the northern region. So what should be paid attention to when installing electromagnetic heating stove?

First of all, you need to measure the original power of the electromagnetic heating furnace, and then roughly estimate the required electromagnetic heating power, which is generally 80% of the original power.

Secondly, remove the original heating coil. The original heating coil power was controlled by the on / off of the contactor. The electromagnetic heating furnace does not need to mark the original load line and temperature control probe so as to be in the back. It is used as a reference when the load line of the electromagnetic heating furnace is installed.

Then, wrap the insulation cotton. Be patient during this operation. Wrap the insulation cotton with a high-temperature bandage on the barrel. Under the premise of tightening, you must pay attention to the thickness of the insulation cotton is about 2.5 cm. Generally, the same electromagnetic heating furnace is used to hold a value, which will not affect the service life.

Then, the electromagnetic wire is wound on the barrel. The wire of a control board should be as close as possible, and do not let it loose. Looseness will affect its inductance and thus affect the work of the control board.

And then, power on and debug. When debugging, you need to use the controller to debug one by one. Generally, the current of the electromagnetic heating furnace is controlled around 55-60A.

Then, sort it out. Note that the controller of the electromagnetic heating furnace cannot be connected with the probe wires of the temperature controller to avoid interference with the temperature controller and the temperature measurement is not accurate.

Finally, the electromagnetic heating furnace should be at least 10CM away from the wall to avoid blocking the air intake and exhaust openings. Be careful not to let metal wires or other metal substances into the electromagnetic heating furnace.

In the past, coal was used for heating in winter, and the home needed to add coal regularly and clean up coal ash. Not only the heating effect was not guaranteed, but also the home environment was greatly affected. Nowadays, after the implementation of coal-to-electricity, residents have installed electromagnetic heating stoves, and the interior and exterior of the house are clean. Residents have realized the advantages of clean, safe and comfortable electric heating.

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