Ranzhi 5 advantages of electromagnetic heater

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  • Date:2019/11/01

Comparison between electromagnetic heating mode and resistance wire heating mode:

1. Good energy saving effect: compared with the original resistance wire heating coil, the power saving effect is more than 30%. Compared with different raw materials and different products, the power saving effect has changed.However, in the products that have been used, the maximum efficiency of electricity saving can reach 75%. 

2, good environmental protection effect: can significantly reduce the environmental temperature. 

3. Long service life: when the heating ring runs continuously, it will not generate heat.Compared with the resistance wire heating, the secondary input is reduced. 

4, can improve the product output: due to the high heating efficiency of the product, can significantly reduce the heating time, improve the product output. 

5, safe and reliable performance: water and electricity separation, good quality, high automation, no manual adjustment, one-year guaranteed maintenance, ten years warranty.

Problems existing in traditional heating methods

1. Large heat loss: the heating method adopted by the existing enterprises is wound by the resistance wire, and the inner and outer sides of the ring generate heat. The heat on the inner surface (close to the material cylinder) is transferred to the material cylinder, while most of the heat on the outer surface is lost to the air, resulting in the loss and waste of electric energy. 

2. Increase of ambient temperature: due to a large amount of heat loss, the ambient temperature increases, especially in summer, which has a great impact on the production environment, and the field working temperature exceeds 45℃.

3. Short service life and large maintenance quantity: due to the heating temperature of resistance wire up to about 300℃, resistance wire is easy to be burnt out due to high temperature aging. The service life of common heating coil is about half a year.

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