What is an electromagnetic induction heater?

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  • Date:2019/10/12

The electromagnetic heater is a device that converts electrical energy into thermal energy using the principle of electromagnetic induction. The electromagnetic controller converts the 220V, 50/60Hz AC rectification into DC power, and then converts the DC power into a high frequency and high voltage power with a frequency of 20-40KHz. High frequency and high voltage current with high speed change will generate alternating magnetic field with high speed change when flowing through the coil. When the magnetic force line in the magnetic field passes through the magnetic conductive metal material, numerous small eddies will be generated in the metal body, making the metal material itself heat up at high speed, so as to heat the things in the metal material barrel.

Main features of electromagnetic induction heater
1.Electromagnetic induction heating mode is adopted. The electromagnetic induction heating ring is installed outside the heated object, and the electromagnetic induction body generates heat.

2.The power saving effect is good: compared with the current electric heating coil, the power saving can reach more than 30%.3. Easy installation: circular and semicircular structure, and between the pipe and the coil add heat insulation layer, further improve thermal efficiency and insulation effect.

4. High power density: A single electromagnetic induction heating coil can replace the original 2-3 electric heating coils.

5. Scope of application: plastic (rubber) injection machine, extruder, film blowing machine, wire drawing machine, plastic film, pipe, wire and so on.

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