Frequency Conversion

Electromagnetic Heater

 Working principle of Electromagnetic heater

Electromagnetic heater is also called electromagnetic induction heater. It is a system that converts electrical energy into thermal energy.

First, the alternating current 220V or 380V is rectified through the rectifier bridge on the mainframe. It becomes a pulsating direct current, which becomes a stable diret current after being stored and filtered by the filter capacitor, and then is converted into a high-voltage, high-current and high-frequency alternating current by a microcomputer chip intelligently controlling the power component IGBT module.

Then, the output is through the induction coil, and the high-frequency current flows through the induction coil to generate a high-frequenc magnetic field. The magnetic field is coupled to the heating body to generate a high-frequency current. The circuit is shorted by coil and generates a high temperature.


Coil winding of variable frequency electromagnetic heater

The winding method of the coil is slightly different according to the equipment of different structures. The common barrel coil, flat coil, curved coil, and concave coil are as shown in the following figure. There are also various special-shaped coil structures. The coil is connected to a high-frequency current to generate a magnetic field coupled to the heating body, so that the heating body itself rapidly heats up.Therefore, a suitable distance between the coil and the heating body is generally 2cm. Too far will cause the coefficient of coupling becomes worse.The load Q value increases for the heater. The peak voltage and peak current of the heater will become higher, which is not conducive to the stability of the work. The wire diameter and inductance of the coil must match the corresponding models. For special purposes, please consult our technicians first.

Product Presentation

  • Frequency conversion electromagnetic heater is composed of rectifier filter circuit part, digital control circuit part, human-machine interface, high-frequency high current inverter part, system heat dissipation part and installation shell.

  • We have the corresponding products from low-voltage ad low-power heaters powered by lithium batteries to industrial high-voltage and high-power heaters.

  • The different materials and structures of the heated body have great influence on the stable operation of the variable frequency electromagnetic heater. For different purposes, please consult our technical staff.

  • The electromagnetic heater widely used in energy-saving renovation of heating, food, printing, construction, plastic machinery, heat treatment, smelting, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, energy saving 30%~70%.

  • According to the different requirements of equiments, the structure, size, function and parameters of products can be customized the electromagnetic heater.

  • Our electromagnetic used digital technology, have multiple protections. such as: over current, lack of phase, over voltage, under voltage, over heat, coil over temperature, coil open circuit, coil short circuit.

Electromagnetic Induction Heaters


2-3.5KW Induction Heater 220V


4-10KW Induction Heater 220V


8-15KW Induction Heater 380V


15-25KW Induction Heater 380V

30-60KW Induction Heater 380V

80-120KW Induction Heater 380V

Internal structure


Product Parameters

220 VAC Electromagnetic heater parameters
Model No.: Power Input Voltage Rated Current Coil Cable Frequency
RZ-HB-2.5K220A 2.5KW 220V 11.3A 4mm2 10-40KHz
RZ-HB-3.5K220A 3.5KW 220V 15.5A 6mm2 10-40KHz
RZ-FB-5K220D 5KW 220V 22.5A 10mm2 5-35KHz
RZ-FB-6K220D 6KW 220V 27A 12mm2 5-35KHz
RZ-FB-8K220D 8KW 220V 36A 14mm2 5-35KHz
RZ-FB-10K220D 10KW 220V 45A 16mm2 5-35KHz
380 VAC Electromagnetic heater parameters
Model No.: Power Input Voltage Rated Current Coil Cable Frequency
RZ-HB-5K380D 5KW 380V 7.5A 6mm2 5-40KHz
RZ-HB-8K380D 8KW 380V 12A 10mm2 5-40KHz
RZ-HB-10K380D 10KW 380V 15A 12mm2 5-40KHz
RZ-HB-12K380D 12KW 380V 18A 16mm2 5-40KHz
RZ-HB-15K380D 15KW 380V 22.5A 20mm2 5-40KHz
RZ-HB-20K380D 20KW 380V 30A 20mm2 5-40KHz
RZ-HB-25K380D 25KW 380V 37.5A 25mm2 5-30KHz
RZ-FB-30K380D 30KW 380V 45A 16mm2 5-30KHz
RZ-FB-60K380D 60KW 380V 90A 35mm2 5-30KHz
RZ-FB-80K380D 80KW 380V 120A 50mm2 5-30KHz
RZ-FB-120K380D 120KW 380V 180A 70mm2 5-30KHz

Product Application

Electromagnetic heater application range:

1. Plastic and rubber industry, such as: film blowing machine, drawing machine, injection molding machine, granulator, extruder for rubber, vulcanizing machine, cable production extruder for plastic, etc.

2. Pharmaceutical and chemical industries, such as: medical special infusion bags, plastic equipment production lines, chemical industry liquid heating pipelines, etc.

3. Petroleum energy, such as unblocking and heating of crude oil pipeline;

4. Kitchenware industry, such as: high-power commercial electromagnetic stove.

5. Building materials industry, such as: steel-plastic pipe welding, bellows machine heating, brick machine die head heating, geonet unit, automatic hollow forming machine.

6. Printing machinery, such as roller heating in the equipment.

7. Heating of can-making equipment, such as: pre-heating of metal printing on chemical tank body, drying of colloid in cans

8. Food industry, such as roasting machine, rice noodle machine and other equipment that needs heating.

9. Pharmaceutical equipment, such as: medicinal materials frying machinery


Magnetic heating boiler

Chemical reactor heating


Induction steam generator

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