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What’s Induction Heating?

Electromagnetic induction heating, or electromagnetic heating (Electromagnetic heating abbreviation: EH) technology, is the principle of electromagnetic heating through the composition of the electronic circuit board to produce an alternating magnetic field, when an iron containing container is placed on it, the surface of the container is cut alternating magnetic force line and produces alternating current at the bottom of the container. Eddy current makes the carrier at high speed move irregularly at the bottom of the container, and the carriers collide with each other and produce heat. So that the effect of heating items. Because the iron container is self heating, the thermal conversion rate is particularly high, up to 95%, which is a direct heating method.

The Electromagnetic Induction Heating System Is Composed Of An Electromagnetic Heating Controller(induction heater) And An Electromagnetic Heating Coil.


The induction heater is a device using the electromagnetic induction principle to convert the electric energy into heat energy.

The induction heater turns the alternating current of 220V or the three-phase AC 380V, 50/60HZ into DC, then turns the DC into the high frequency 10~40KHz high current electricity used for heating industrial products.


High speed high frequency current flows through the coil to produce alternating magnetic field of high speed. When placed in an iron containing container, the surface of the container has a cutting alternating magnetic force line and an alternating current (i.e. eddy current) at the bottom of the container. The eddy makes the carrier at the bottom of the container at high speed and irregular motion, carrier. The heat is produced by collision and friction. So that the effect of heating items. That is, by converting electric energy into magnetic energy, a heating way is induced on the surface of the heated steel body. This way fundamentally solves the problem of low thermal efficiency caused by heating, such as electric heating sheets, electric heating rings, and so on.

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